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Providing Brisbane Transparent and Commission-Free Body Corporate Management & Consultancy services at a reduced cost for Owners and Investors.

Strata and Body Corporate Services We Offer

Body Corporate Management

Feeling overwhelmed by Body Corporate responsibilities? Let CTS Consulting take the weight off your shoulders. We offer a personalised, boutique service designed to simplify your life and protect your investment. Our team of experienced professionals, boasting over 60 years of combined expertise, tackles the day-to-day challenges and complex issues that often plague Body Corporates.

Consultancy Services

Looking for strategic guidance and expert advice on all things Body Corporate? CTS Consulting is here to be your trusted partner. We offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services designed to equip your committee and residents with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions and foster a thriving community.

What sets us apart from other Body Corporate Management Services?

Our stable and dedicated team ensures consistent, reliable service. You won’t be dealing with new faces every month, allowing you to build trust and confidence in your Body Corporate management.

Boutique Service

Our boutique service approach combines the agility of a small company with unmatched responsiveness, ensuring each client receives personalised and precise solutions tailored to their unique needs. This allows us to adapt swiftly to your specific requirements but also ensures that our solutions are aligned with your expectations.

Unmatched Expertise

We distinguish ourselves through a breadth of expertise across various facets of the strata management industry. This diversity in expertise allows us to offer tailored solutions that address the specific needs and nuances of our bodies corporate, reflecting our deep commitment to versatility and excellence in every aspect of strata management.

Transparency and Integrity

We are founded on the principles of transparency and integrity, ensuring meticulous attention to comprehensive reporting, diligent record-keeping, and open communication. We prioritise sharing information openly with our clients, fostering a relationship built on trust and clear insight into every aspect of our management process.

Proactive Approach

We don't simply react to problems; we anticipate them. We actively identify potential issues and implement solutions before they escalate, saving you time, money, and stress. By proactively anticipating developments, we can assist with redirecting potential challenges into simplified solutions.

Proudly Managed in Brisbane

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What to Expect

Transparent. Ethical. Proactive. CTS Consulting Body Corporate is one of the few Body Corporate Management firms in Queensland with a strict Commission-Free, no “kickbacks” policy on all essential services with third party providers, such as insurance brokers. Body Corporate Managers who derive ancillary income from commissions and other undisclosed sources can afford to offer their management services at significantly lower fees than those who refrain from such practices.  Consequently, unsuspecting bodies corporate, enticed by the prospect of a better deal, often experience buyer’s remorse upon discovering increased expenses due to the hidden costs tied to their Body Corporate Manager’s commission-based income. Opting not to stoop to the lows witnessed in the industry, we have embraced the opportunity to lead by example, serving as a beacon of transparency and ethics in a sector that is in dire need of such values.

Our Expertise

In addition to maintaining the Body Corporate Roll and records with care, we handle a variety of administrative tasks essential for the smooth operation of the Body Corporate. This includes managing records of minutes, correspondence, building information, and service provider contracts to ensure thorough documentation of all proceedings. We also oversee the use of the Body Corporate Common Seal and assist in preparing and issuing Body Corporate Certificates as needed. Additionally, we manage routine incoming and outgoing correspondence to ensure timely communication. Complying with legislation, we conduct Sinking Fund Forecast Reviews when required and make all records available for inspection, maintaining statutory registers and records to ensure compliance. Furthermore, we diligently implement all decisions made by the Body Corporate as outlined in the Agreement, promoting accountability and efficiency. We also uphold professional standards by maintaining registers for professional reports to ensure continuous compliance with regulations. These efforts reflect our commitment to providing comprehensive administrative support to the Body Corporate, ensuring its smooth operation and adherence to regulatory requirements.

We don't just offer guidance and information about Body Corporate laws and operations; we provide comprehensive assistance to navigate through their complexities. This includes responding to inquiries from lot owners through both verbal and written correspondence, as well as offering support and guidance to Building Managers and Caretakers in understanding their roles within the Body Corporate structure. We also play a crucial role in ensuring that decisions made by the Body Corporate are effectively carried out. Additionally, we assist in the preparation and submission of essential documentation to authorities like the QLD Titles Office, covering everything from By-Laws to Adjudicators Orders.

We carefully arrange and participate in the Annual General Meeting, offering the option to use our office boardroom for added convenience. Your yearly quota of Committee Meetings will be tailored to address your Body Corporate's specific needs, promoting effective communication and decision-making. Complying with legislation, we promptly call for Committee Nominations and Owner Motions, encouraging transparency and democratic participation. Additionally, we meticulously prepare and distribute meeting notices, minutes, and other necessary documents to ensure clarity and accountability in all proceedings. Moreover, we facilitate Ballot Voting as needed to streamline decision-making. These efforts provide just a glimpse of our comprehensive administrative services, showcasing our unwavering dedication to effectively managing and governing your Body Corporate.

In addition to setting up and managing the Body Corporate's accounts, we handle a wide range of financial tasks to maintain the financial health of the Body Corporate. This includes carefully reconciling bank accounts to meet accounting standards and laws, maintaining detailed financial records, and issuing necessary statements. Our team also works diligently to prepare annual budgets for approval, send levy notices to lot owners, and process invoices and insurance premiums. We take care of ABN/GST registration, changes, and fulfill duties related to the Public Officer and the Australian Tax Office. Additionally, we coordinate external CPA Auditors to review financial records for compliance. With a successful track record of recovering debts at a rate of 99.1%, we ensure timely dues collection, working with third parties when needed. Furthermore, we offer customized Financial Management Reports to help Committee Members understand and monitor the Body Corporate's financial health. These services reflect our commitment to maintaining the financial well-being of your Body Corporate.

We're prepared to assist owners in starting insurance claims, ensuring the process is smooth and efficient. Additionally, we carefully reconcile claims to ensure costs are properly recovered, easing financial strain on the Body Corporate. Upon request, we also arrange valuations to determine the cost of reinstatement, meeting legal requirements and safeguarding stakeholders' interests. These efforts highlight only a portion of the comprehensive support we offer, demonstrating our commitment to seamlessly managing and protecting your property assets.

We provide a variety of assistive maintenance services to keep your body corporate running smoothly. This includes arranging repairs and maintenance for Body Corporate properties as needed, managing contractor engagements, and assisting in developing maintenance plans—all according to the Body Corporate's directives.