CTS Consulting

Our Team

Founded by Managing Director Coralie Mott in June 2006 and based in Brisbane, our firm embodies the essence of a family business, representing over 60 years of collective expertise in Body Corporate Management services. Serving a diverse clientele in South East Queensland, our team brings a wealth of experience from various sectors within the industry, including onsite management and caretaking, real estate, letting, management rights, and board memberships of strata industry associations. At the heart of our operations are the core values of Honesty & Transparency, Excellence, Reliability and Expertise, which guide us in delivering unparalleled service to our clients.

Coralie Mott

Managing Director, Marketing & Certified Body Corporate Consultant

Coralie Mott is a respected matriarch of Queensland’s Body Corporate Management industry; actively establishing her first firm ‘Body Corp Management’ in 1992. Following a period of service with CTIQ (now SCA) as Executive Officer, she established CTS Management (now CTS Consulting Body Corporate) in 2006. As a Certified Body Corporate Consultant, Coralie has played an active role, and assisted, in a number of pivotal matters requiring a high level of expertise and experience in mediation; seeing many bodies corporates through some of their most challenging times. She continues to advocate for the rights of Owners through core values of transparency and honesty, which remain deep-rooted within the vision of CTS Consulting Body Corporate.

Nikki Mott

General Manager, Accounting & Certified Body Corporate Consultant

Nikki Mott is a highly-valued, ‘all-rounder’ of over 15 years at CTS Consulting Body Corporate. Having excelled as a Certified Body Corporate Consultant with an extensive portfolio, she now heads the Accounting Department; overseeing day-to-day accounts payable operations, preparation of thorough budgets, generation of levies and many more important accounting practices. Since 2017, Nikki has also held the role of General Manager; working closely with our valued team, and promoting the core values that proudly form the foundation of CTS Consulting Body Corporate.

Brooke Richards

Body Corporate Consultant

Brooke Richards joined us with an invaluable wealth of knowledge and expertise, having previously worked as a building manager and on-site caretaker for over 9 years. She has also worked within the strata-titled accommodation industry. Brooke has been involved in a number of challenging and sensitive bodies corporate issues in both her previous and current capacities. As a Body Corporate Consultant at CTS Consulting Body Corporate, she is highly organised, strategic, and an invaluable asset to the team and her extensive portfolio of bodies corporates.

Mitchell Kelso

Portfolio Executive Assistant

Mitchell Kelso also joins us with over 8 years of joint experience in strata-titled accommodation and building management; as front office staff and a building manager. During his time as a building manager, Mitchell has been involved in overseeing a number of challenging projects and unique situations, requiring him to be highly organised, and resourceful. As a Body Corporate Consultant, Mitchell brings his experience from previous roles, striving to obtain the best results for his clients

Alecia Mott

Accounts Payable & Administrative Support

Alecia Mott has provided Administrative Support and Accounting Services for over 15 years at CTS Consulting Body Corporate. With a fast-paced, but patient approach, she oversees the day-to-day Accounting tasks such as payment of bodies corporate invoices, levy enquiries, arrears follow-up, and a range of other important accounting tasks.

Julian Mott

Accounts Payable & Administrative Support

Julian Mott has provided his assistance in Administrative Support and Accounts Payable for almost 5 years at CTS Consulting Body Corporate. He also assists with day-to-day Accounts Payable tasks, but also undertakes the important task of maintaining the visible body corporate records on our software provider portals.