CTS Consulting

Our Team

Founded by Managing Director Coralie Mott in June 2006 and based in Brisbane, our firm embodies the essence of a family business, representing over 60 years of collective expertise in Body Corporate Management services. Serving a diverse clientele in South East Queensland, our team brings a wealth of experience from various sectors within the industry, including onsite management and caretaking, real estate, letting, management rights, and board memberships of strata industry associations. At the heart of our operations are the core values of Honesty & Transparency, Excellence, Reliability and Expertise, which guide us in delivering unparalleled service to our clients.

Coralie Mott

Managing Director, Marketing & Certified Body Corporate Consultant

Nikki Mott

General Manager, Accounting & Certified Body Corporate Consultant

Brooke Richards

Body Corporate Consultant

Nathaniel Askew

Financial Consultant

Mitchell Kelso

Portfolio Executive Assistant

Alecia Mott

Accounts Payable & Administrative Support

Julian Mott

Accounts Payable & Administrative Support